Amanda Hampton Bravender is a Master Hair and Makeup Artist with over 16 years of experience in various facets of the beauty industry. In addition to working with clients behind the chair and on-location for special events, she has also excelled in corporate sales, product development, and social media management. Amanda has traveled across the country, designing wigs and makeup for musical theater, ballets, and operas. Recently, she has been honored as the wig and makeup artist for the Mardi Gras Kings of New Orleans, starting with the 2024 season.

Apart from her illustrious career in the beauty industry, Amanda is also an accomplished farmer and beekeeper. Her current passion project involves building her dream apiary, focusing on rescuing and relocating bees to her farm, a venture she undertakes alongside her husband.

In her free time, Amanda dedicates herself to volunteering with her local 4-H club, teaching kids about growing food, cooking, beekeeping, and horsemanship. She has also raised money to support local theater companies by conducting makeup workshops. Most importantly, Amanda is a devoted wife to Joshua and a loving mother to James, Jonah, another Joshua, Jaxon, and Fay Monroe. She cherishes spending time with her family and empowers those around her by reminding them of their inner and outer beauty.