Blakely was born and raised in Covington, LA. She attended St. Scholastica Academy (class of 2011) and graduated from Southeastern University with a Bachelor’s in Accounting.

In 2018, she made a life-changing decision to go into recovery from alcohol addiction. This led her to pursue a much healthier and active lifestyle. During this transformative period, she realized the profound impact of training and nutrition on her overall well-being. Inspired, Blakely decided to combine her business knowledge with her passion, earning certifications to become a NASM-CPT.

At Be More Human Performance, where she started her career in June 2021, Blakely has worked diligently to grow her own program, Be More Women’s Group. This community is centered around empowering women through fitness, nutrition, and teaching them how to live a healthier lifestyle.

As Blakely often says, “We are strong alone, but we are stronger together.” She is dedicated to uplifting other women and helping them achieve dreams they once only imagined. Believing in oneself, setting goals, and then extending a hand to help those behind – imagine what we could accomplish if we all embraced this philosophy.