In a world where societal expectations and conditioning often define our roles and identities, women frequently find themselves identifying with what they do rather than embracing whom they are. This talk aims to explore the deep-rooted reasons behind this phenomenon and shed light on the empowering journey towards self-discovery and authenticity. Uncover layers of conditioning and discover insights on reclaiming personal identity, nurturing self-worth, and breaking free from the confinements of external validation. Together, let’s challenge the status quo and celebrate the diversity and inherent essence that make each woman unique.

My clients want someone who can guide them to grow a lucrative practice that’s in integrity with their unique goals, needs, and values so they can be successful without sacrificing who they are or the things that are important to them in the process. I solve the problem of being overwhelmed with the process of growing a successful real estate practice through my proven 12-week InnerState Coaching Framework.


I teach women in real estate how to identify, embrace and implement their unique gifts & talents so they can build a successful real estate business on their own terms.