Donna grew up in Hammond.  She spent her high school years at Saint Scholastica Academy, graduating in 1979.  She then attended LSU where she earned her degree in Marketing/Merchandising.  She worked in management at Dillard’s in Baton Rouge with aspirations to move to Little Rock in order to be a buyer for Dillard’s.  A marriage proposal changed all of that!  She was married in 1985 and soon after became a stay- at -home mom to two beautiful daughters.  She wouldn’t have wanted it any other way!  Her life was dedicated to her husband and daughters.  When her marriage ended after 19 years, and with her girls getting older, her life had to take a different path. Being a mother would always be her top priority, however, now she was faced with deciding on a career path after so many years staying at home.  She decided that whatever she did, she would have to be passionate about it and it would have to involve helping others.  So, when a good friend of Donna’s from the gym asked her to consider becoming a personal fitness trainer…she knew that was it!  She would be doing something she loved and passing it on to others who were wanting to live healthier lives, but just needed some motivation, accountability and know how.

Donna worked for Franco’s Athletic Club for 6 years where she earned a reputation as an outstanding trainer.  She began competing in triathlons and marathons across the country including the Boston Marathon.  After Franco’s she took her training experience to clients who wanted in-home training as well as to several subdivision gyms in our area.  Last year, when the pandemic hit, she incorporated virtual training, which she still uses today, not only due to Covid, but for her clients who do a lot of traveling.

It has turned into a very fulfilling career for the past 16 years!  And she loves what she does every day!