Jill McGuire, a life-long Mandeville resident, lives in Old Mandeville with her husband of 19 years, Barrett, and their two boys, Jack (16) and Charlie (11).  She also has two weenie dogs, Lizzie and Griffin.

Jill serves the City of Mandeville as the District 3 Councilperson, which includes Old Mandeville.  As a council person, Jill is committed to preserving Mandeville’s past and protecting our natural resources, public safety and code enforcement. Jill serves on the Missions Team at St. Timothy United Methodist Church and is founder of Granny Gertie Inc which  provides over 1000 Christmas stockings and Easter baskets to underserved children and seniors in the Northshore area.

As Co-Owner of McGuire Real Estate, she preserved and brought  back to life Band’s  Foodstore where you can go back to a time when there were pay phones, video games and make your own Slush Puppy. For decades, Rest Awhile sat on our lakefront as blighted property. Now, after decades, Rest Awhile will bustle with life as it once did when Mandeville was a resort town.   Her next project is to restore Northstar Theatre where it will be a place for live and visual arts and serve the community as a Cultural Arts Center.