Meet Kaleb Stigler, an extraordinary nominee for the Women’s Choice Awards. Her inspiring journey commenced with a heartfelt mission – addressing the health challenges faced by her loved ones, particularly those battling various cancers.

In response to gaps in conventional treatments, Kaleb founded Holistic Magnolia, an embodiment of her commitment to holistic healing. Specializing in lymphatic drainage, a recognized enhancer of chemotherapy treatments, she pioneers a time-tested approach to full-body healing.

Expanding her impact, Kaleb designs specialized herbal teas addressing toxins, supporting the lymphatic system, nourishing blood, and aiding the female reproductive system. This unique endeavor reflects her dedication to comprehensive well-being.

Beyond her professional achievements, Kaleb actively engages in community service. As an active member of the Professional Women of St. Tammany and a founding member of BOOtique Spooktacular, she channels her philanthropic efforts toward causes close to her heart. Notably, her work extends to the Northshore Foodbank and Southern Louisiana Boots on the Ground.

In the past year, Kaleb has furthered her impact, contributing to nonprofits like Camp Bearable, Toys for Tots, and Safe Harbor. Balancing professional pursuits with personal passions, she dedicates time with a young lady overcoming a traumatic brain injury, offers mentoring to students and others pursuing a career in Therapeutic Massage, and spreads joy through her involvement with Butterfly FX.

As a dedicated mother to an 11-year-old son, Kaleb also finds joy in cycling with a close-knit group. Looking ahead to 2024, her goal is to elevate community awareness of holistic health, exploring additional avenues to enrich and serve her community.

Kaleb’s tireless dedication to holistic healing, community service, and philanthropy makes her an exemplary nominee.